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Untangle for Healthcare

Enabling Compliance with Secured Data

Electronic Health Records (EHR) mandates are driving the adoption of connected devices at medical offices and clinics. Healthcare providers, organizations, and data warehouses must tightly control and secure patient health information (PHI) to ensure HIPAA and HITECH compliance. More devices on the network can also cause unpredictable spikes in traffic that limit mission-critical applications sending and receiving data.

Untangle enables the healthcare industry to be HIPAA and HITECH compliant with granular controls over who has access to what data, and includes built-in security to prevent data breaches and other headaches caused by malware. When every second counts, medical staff needs to feel confident that critical information will be available at their fingertips.

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Security Brief

Man-in-the-Middle Attack Targets Quest Diagnostics Patient Information

Quest Diagnostics’ billing and collection services contractor, American Medical Collection Agency, fell victim to a cyber attack. Cyber criminals were able to access medical information, financial data, and Social Security information of nearly 12 million patients. To learn more about this attack and how Untangle can help, download the full Security Brief today.

Untangle is simple and secure, but it’s also really flexible.

Jason Zeinstra, Network Manager, Orthopaedic Associates

NG Firewall Case Study

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Genesis Physicians Group

The Genesis Physicians Group is a busy association. It serves 1,700 doctors in the North Texas area, acting as an intermediary between its clients and the insurance companies, and offering a range of other services. Genesis must maintain a tight, secure network that ensures privacy and confidentiality. Physician email accounts need to be kept free of spam, and sensitive patient data needs to be protected from corruption by viruses and exploitation by spyware.

We started using Untangle to address our security issues and to handle network monitoring, and straight away found that productivity went up.

Dan Nickason, IT Manager, Genesis Physicians Group

Is Untangle Right For You?

Policy control and Active Directory/LDAP integration to control Internet access for doctors, administrators, and other medical staff

Captive Portal to identify every user on the network and to control which resources can be accessed

Policy and content filtering for remote devices

Prioritize mission-critical applications that directly affect the level of care provided to patients

Prevent network slowdowns caused by any individual or group of users and applications

Layer 7 application awareness to identify all incoming application traffic regardless of port destination

HTTPS traffic inspection

Stops viruses and other malware before they can enter your network